Welcome to Hidden Peace SLS!

Let us help you find your place of peace.

We are a family of homes that provide care and love for adults with specialized needs. Each home is designed to give peace of mind to family members while catering to the whole individual. Our caregivers are carefully chosen to ensure the best personal care that your loved one deserves. Whether your loved one needs a week-end get away, rehabilitation services, or long term care we offer security and peace of mind for every family member. Please browse our website and look through all that we have to offer. We encourage you to call with any questions or just stop by for a tour of any location.

Welcome to Hidden Peace!

We are a family home set in the tranquil rural area of Fenton Michigan, specialized in the care of middle aged women. Our focus is the rehabilitation and healing of mind, body, and spirit of each individual. Our caregivers help us provide a positive family atmosphere while giving each person the utmost personal care with dignity and pride.


Welcome to Brooks Manor!

We are a family home right next door to Hidden Peace, specialized in the care of elderly/veteran men. Our focus is to provide a safe and secure space where one can enjoy the nature and wildlife all around us. Our caregivers help us provide a safe relaxing environment while giving each individual great respect and excellent care.